Mayor Is.

International Volcano
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Apache Junction, Arizona USA

Volcano Mayor Is. in New Zealand.
Photo Provided by the Smithsonian Institution.

What Is ERUPTION Pro 10.7 ?

Forecasting the time, place, and character of a volcanic eruption is one of the major goals of volcanology. It is also one of the most challenging goals to achieve. ERUPTION Pro 10.7's current goal is the accurate long-range forecasting of volcanic eruptions. To our knowledge, it is the only software programme of its type anywhere in the world. ERUPTION Pro 10.7 performs analysis on current available volcano eruption data from both historical and current available eruption data, near real-time measurement data including, seismic, deformation, thermal, frequency of eruption analysis, solar & lunar influences, crater lake temperature (if applicable), COSPEC, & statistical procedures. The newest version also accounts for, albeit very small, contributions due to lunar and solar influences. It produces three forecasts; a statistically projected next eruption year, the next forecasted beginning eruption year with an >50% probability of eruption occurrence, and finally, the next forecasted beginning eruption year with an > 95% probability of eruption occurrence. This software engineering package has been under development and updating for over twenty years -- since 1987. ERUPTION Pro 10.7 is a continually developing computer programme, specifically designed for the PC type computer in an MS-DOS version.

ERUPTION Pro 10.7 is available in the MS-DOS version and it is available in the English language only. The updates are automatically e-mailed within 24 hours to users and at no charge as events and/or updates occur. There is a great deal of information obtainable for each of the 502 volcanoes in the database. The new and updated version of ERUPTION Pro 10.7, was released on 21 January 2008.

This software programme is intended as an additional aid and diagnostic tool and is not intended as the definitive concept in forecasting an eruption of any particular volcano. It should be kept in mind that the software package ERUPTION Pro 10.7 certainly, at this point, is in no way infallible, and only as good as the data used in creating it. This programme may be used for volcanic hazard prediction or disaster mitigation by the public at this time but only under the direction & guidance of scientists and those involved in volcanic hazard prediction or disaster mitigation.

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