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For The Month of: SEPTEMBER, 2008

Volcano Tore in Bougainville (PNG).
Photo Courtesy of NASA.

What's New at The INTLVRC This Month .......


Good News --

The opportunity to be placed on our Distribution List of replies to questions asked about volcanoes continues !! It is part of the INTLVRC's "Educational Outreach" programme. Several persons have availed themselves of this feature. If you would like to avail yourself of this programme, simply e-mail us at [email protected] or [email protected] , state your request, and we'll put you on the list !


News Concerning INTLVRC Personnel --

As of 1 September 2008,

INTLVRC's Principal Research Geochemist, Dr. Jean-Paul Toutain, is on an expedition to MERAPI volcano in Java were some CO2 and soil temperature tests are being conducted.

INTLVRC's Principal Research Volcanologist, Dr. R. B. Trombley, is designing experiments for a February expedition.

INTLVRC's Phil "Tuff" Andersen, Principal of Computer Operations, stands by for further assignments and prepares for an expedition next February.

INTLVRC's Principal Software Engineer, Florin V. Ivan, stands by for software engineering needs as necessary.

Other Good Stuffs --

In August, there were 21 questions and/or photo requests that were submitted for a total of 134 for the year 2008. All questions and requests were answered within 24 hours of receipt.

The volcano selected for the month of September as the "Volcano Of The Month" is volcano PETER I ISLAND. An interesting youthful shield volcano in the Antarctica !

Eruptions --

The following is a recap accounting for the month of August , for new eruptions and/or confirmations of eruptions and/or re-eruptions that have been to reported to INTLVRC of the volcano types that INTLVRC monitors and forecasts. INTLVRC receives conformation of eruptions from the Global Volcanism Network (GVN) and other volcano reporting agencies & facilities from around the world.

Progress on combined Strato & Shield volcano forecasting programme, ERUPTION Pro 10.7's, performance since 1 January 2008, INTLVRC presents the following information. Since the first of the year there has been 54 continuing and/or new eruptions of Strato, Shield & other types of volcanoes about the world. "ERUPTION" Pro 10.7 has correctly forecasted 50 of those 54 eruption events, with 2 misses & and 2 newly added volcanoes thus far to date for an accuracy rating currently at 96.15%.

Miscellaneous --

As many of our visitors are aware, we here at INTLVRC offer and encourage the opportunity to ask questions and make other inquiries relative to volcanoes. We try to answer them within 24 hours. As an additional feature, relative to our overall global "Educational Outreach" programme, we are now giving our website visitors the opportunity to be placed on our distribution list for replies to those questions. Therefore, if you wish to be placed on our question reply distribution list, simply e-mail us at [email protected] or [email protected] telling us to put you on our distribution list and we'll do it ! Comments, suggestions, etc. are also welcome !

INTLVRC continues to be avidly interested in the education aspects of volcanology as well as the research that is conducted here at the INTLVRC. Many persons have written in and others keep sending in the questions and have asked some very good and interesting questions. We love it !! THANK YOU !! We here at the INTLVRC were very happy to receive them and hope that it inspires others to write with their questions. Those persons interested in asking a volcano related question or two or if you have computer or software related question then you are invited to send your question to us at [email protected] or [email protected], and we'll reply as soon as possible. We hope to hear from you soon ! Also, if you in need of a volcano photograph for a document, report or whatever, then INTLVRC, as part of our educational "Outreach" programme, now offers, at no charge, on-line photos of a multitude of volcanoes. Just simply e-mail us and we'll e-mail you back an on-line photo of any volcano that you desire. Photos may be had in any format, i.e., .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, etc. . In addition to the on-line photo, the photographer will be identified and you must give credit to the photographer if the photo is used in your work.


ERUPTION Pro 10.7 is widely used throughout the world. Some of our more prominent users, who have used this software, are members of the



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