St. Andrew

International Volcano
Research Centre

Apache Junction, Arizona USA

Volcano St. Andrew Strait in Papua New Guinea
in the Admiralty Islands.
Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution.

Mission Statement:

The International Volcano Research Centre (INTLVRC) (formerly Southwest Volcano Research Centre (SWVRC) ) is located in Apache Junction, Arizona, and is approximately 46 miles east of the city of Phoenix and near the Superstition mountains. INTLVRC’s primary function is to conduct on-going volcano research with a concentration on volcano eruption forecasting techniques and methodologies. Forecasting is primarily focused on the most dangerous type volcanoes in the world which are of the Strato, Compound, and Complex categories. All current forecasting is done with our current software package, ERUPTION Pro 10.7. The forecasting of all types (14 types total) of volcanoes, including Shield types, are also conducted at this time with our new software programme, ERUPTION Pro 10.7, the latest version of which was released in January of 2008 superseding several earlier versions.

Formed in 1980, INTLVRC now has four permanent staff members at this time. All of us here at the INTLVRC are dedicated to the study of and the accurate forecasting of volcanic eruptions and the research necessary therein.

INTLVRC is linked to several volcano information centres and volcano observatories around the globe. In addition, INTLVRC has several satellite links as well as "Live-Cam" input capability. There is a constant stream of data and information being gathered from all parts of the globe from various agencies, volcanic observatories, and the like. Data is retrieved primarily through the volcanic network and through other private channels. Once data is received, it is analyzed and recorded and information contained therein is utilized in the various on-going research projects. On-site visits are also a part of the on-going research that is being conducted by INTLVRC. Each year, at least one or more expeditions to active volcanoes are planned and conducted. Trips are made for data gathering, survey and research purposes. Currently, INTLVRC is monitoring 502 volcanoes about the world every day.

Another area of concern here at the INTLVRC is the overall education of the general public and all persons, of all ages, that have and interest in volcanoes and their effects on our good planet earth. All interested persons are invited to e-mail us any question relating to certainly volcanoes, but on any geoscience topic. Please send your questions to us at [email protected] or [email protected] and we'll respond quickly and try our best to answer questions submitted. We hope to hear from you soon !

Developed and updated as necessary over a period of 20 years plus, is our PC computer based, eruption forecasting programme, ERUPTION Pro 10.7. The software package performs a statistical analysis from inputs of real-time current data on all types of volcanoes except submarine type volcanoes, plus the entire eruption history of the volcano. However, the research into the forecasting of shield type volcanoes was begun in early 1997 with ERUPTION Pro 9.6. To our knowledge, ERUPTION Pro 10.7, is the only type of software package of its kind anywhere in the world. Research and refinement continue on these projects. Interest and research continues also into the best possible and accurate eruption forecasting of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes.

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