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Florin V. Ivan, BSCIS, MBA, is Principal Software Consultant at INTLVRC and is a valued and very talented individual serving the INTLVRC staff. Florin is responsible for overseeing the technological needs of the centre as they relate to Internet operations. He introduced the Internet storefront for the centre, and has performed various design work for the INTLVRC site. He also serves as the curator of ERUPTION Pro Windows software, ensuring that the package fulfills customer and organizational needs. Florin has more than a decade of industrial experience in consulting, product development and operations for large-scale enterprise eCommerce systems. In addition to his responsibilities at INTLVRC, Florin is the Director of Technology Development at American Express, where he manages a staff of project managers, technical architects and engineers. Florin earned his Bachelor of Science in computer information systems summa cum laude from DeVRY University, and holds an MBA, with distinction, from Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVRY University. He has been with INTLVRC since 1997.

Florin's e-mail: [email protected]

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