Volcano Savai'i in Samoa.
Photo Courtesy of NASA.

International Volcano
Research Centre

Apache Junction, Arizona USA


The current research projects that INTLVRC is currently conducting are as follows: (As Of: 1 March 2008)

  1. Average VEI Update For All Monitored Volcanoes Project - This project involves the update of all volcanoes currently monitored by INTLVRC with respect to their newly calculated average VEI. This will be an update of the Master Listing printout file as the database has already been updated.
    Principal Investigator: Andy R. Mockel, [email protected]
    Current Status: Completed (Now on-going)

  2. Determine The Correlation Between Eruptions and Sunspots Project - This project involves the re-investigation of work pioneered by Dr. T. A. Jaggar (founder of HVO). The project will try to determine the correlation factor looking at the last ten years of eruption & sunspot data.
    Principal Investigator: Dr. R. B. Trombley, [email protected]
    Current Status: Completed

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